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Narkoy is located in Kandıra where surrounded by forest in Göreme, one of the world’s education centers . The more than 800 seeds stored in this ecological center , which meets the expectations of the holidays in an alternative plan. Guests can stay in rooms or with different options such as tents, and they also take certain education for sustainable living.

Narkoy offers the opportunity to participate in many different activities such as aromatic plant collection , forest hiking with mapping , milking , visits to farm animals , cheese – yogurt making workshop , gardening, sourdough workshop, gluten-free bread shop, wave surfing.



TaTuTa is actually a name of the project. This project conducted by the Wheat Association aims to exchange experience in ecological farms . Aim to promote ecological agriculture and family by e-mail to proceed in this way in Turkey , volunteer labor and provide information support .

There are many farms depend on TaTuTa project ; Many of our landlords as the Aegean and Eastern Anatolia open to volunteers and guests . This project is to investigate and hold one end of the command you want to spend a part of your summer in one of Turkey’s ecological farmtatutaTatuta

Pastoral Vadi

Pastoral Vadi is established in the village of Fethiye Yanıklar beside the rivers and pine forests. This ecological center stays open 12 months of the year . The theme Pastoral Valley is “Back to the Village” , special workshops for children, family workshops, arts, and sporting events fully provided to its guests, a holiday facility with nature.pastoral-vadiPastoral Vadi


The farm is located in Kaş, Bayındır village , 5 km from the sea and has many ancient cities around .Hotel Narnia has a small greenhouse, a herb garden and continues to plant various fruit trees every spring, and of course lots of flowers! In the autumn they harvest the almonds and cure our olives, surely they would like to welcome you.narnia
Narnia Hotel Kaş

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