Turkish Barber Experience – Haircut in Turkey

Turkish Barber Experience – Haircut in Turkey. Turkish barbers are known worldwide for their shaving skills. As someone who lives in Turkey all my life, I would suggest to give it a try and to get your clean shave.

How to find a good barber?

Finding a good barber isn’t very easy in a city like Istanbul. There are thousands of hairdressers, and you will find one almost every second corner. Just trust your senses and look for a barber away from the tourist zones and walk into one where you can see many locals. You don’t need to know any Turkish to get a shave. Just show your beard and make a sign of shaving and ask how much. They will usually write down a number, and you take or refuse. The price for a good shave is within 15 and 25 Turkish lira.

The Experience

The barber will ask for your jacket and ask you to sit down. Sometimes they will offer you tea. Now you should relax! The barber will provide and use the soapy suds and get the razor blades ready. Just relax and let him do his work! After the shave, he will ask you to lean front over the sink and will wash your head in it a couple of times and clean your face followed by applying an aggressive after shave. He will give you a gentle facial massage and wash your face.

Often they will indicate that you also need a haircut. Ask for the price in advance. Usually they charge another 25 Turkish lira for the haircut.

They do an excellent job cutting your hair, the best thing about the haircut, though, are the additional messages you get. Firstly, you get a face mask which is gently touched. In Turkey, they usually don’t wash your hair before and start cutting it directly. Make sure you tell him how much you want him to cut off. Afterward, it’s too late!!!

The best thing happens at the end. Some barbers have a small vibrating machine which is banded to the hand and they give you an astounding massage. Don’t deny this! You will regret if you do! Close your eyes and rest and don’t be ashamed if you fall asleep, that is entirely reasonable.

Should I tip?

Yes! If you tip couple Liras to the barber it will be good. If they have a boy cleaning up your hair, tip him too. Couple coins should be enough, though!

Many people, feel weird going somewhere where the price is not shown. It is kind of normal in Istanbul. Therefore, just ask when you enter. Make sure that you ask how much every single treatment is extra to avoid the unexpected cost.

Have you ever visited a barber in Turkey? Would you do it?

Written by BeforeTravel